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MC Machine has the solution for Fox owners looking to add aftermarket gauges in a more stock location.  This allows for easier observation of the gauges than can be found with the more commonly available plastic pods.

MC Machine dash plates are machined in the USA from 1/4" aluminum plate and allow you to place six aftermarket gauges where the often vague and unreliable factory gauges normally reside.  Our plates were designed with Auto Meter gauges in mind, but may fit other brands.  We cannot guarantee that gauges from various manufacturers will fit as we have not installed or fit gauges by other manufacturers in our plates.  Feedback on the successful use of other brand gauges is always welcome.

MC Machine offers the '79-'86 plates anodized black/gray and the '87-'89 plates black or clear anodized. Other finishes such as different colored anodizing, brushing, or polishing may be available through us at additional charge, or can be done by the customer after receiving the plate.

Our plates are offered without retail mark-up.  Being the manufacturer and retailer, MC Machine sells the plates at a price based on design, set-up and machine time at standard shop rates.  Should these plates become available through other sellers, the plates would be priced higher to allow profit for the retailer.  MC Machine dash plates are made in batches to distribute the cost of machine set-up across the production run of the plates to keep prices reasonable. 

While available to customers, custom orders come at an increased cost to compensate for design, set-up and machine time,  just as it would be with any other machine shop.  \n This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   with any questions about custom plates.

Click the thumbnail below to find out more about the 79-86 Mustang and Capri Dash Plates

79-86 Mustang/Capri Dash Plates

Click the thumbnail below to find out more about the 87-89 Mustang Dash Plates. 

87-93 Mustang Dash Plates


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